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Friday, June 24, 2011

Chinese chilli chicken-the desi way

We perhaps sometime think that it would have been great if we could turn some of the 'restaurant ka khana' into our 'ghar ka khana'. Something that would be have the same taste but less spices or calories. So we can try this version of desi Chilli Chicken at home..easy to make and easy to digest.

What all we need

looks something like this
Boneless chicken
soya sauce
chilli sauce
tomato sauce
green chillies
garlic cloves
garlic-ginger paste


First we need to marinate the washed chicken with a pinch of salt,1 tsp ginger garlic paste,1 tsp soya sauce and chilli sauce for 2 hrs..when marinated,dip the chicken pieces in corn flower and deep fry. Keep them aside. Now in a kadhai heat some oil and put 2-3 chopped garlic cloves and add the chopped onions,capsicum and green chillies. fry for some minutes..then add a cup of water..bring it to boil..then add a mixture of 2 tbps soya sauce,4 tbsp.tomato sauce and chilli sauce according to your taste..add a tsp of sugar and cook for sometime..add the fried chicken pieces and cook a bit till the gravy becomes a bit sticky.. serve hot with rotis or naans.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

lets get started

I had and still have an uncheckable liking for "ghar ka simple khana" birth I am Bangali,and am proud to be one..though I have traveled a lot across India and have eaten and have tried to learn many of their ghar ka khanas..but I can proudly raise my voice and scream that the simplest and the most delicious ghar ka khana are those of the Bengalis..they are simple to make,easy to digest and have a great variety of tastes..with loads of variety of vegetables,fishes and spices bengali 'Ranna'(bengali for cooking) is something different .

And this recipe is one of the simplest Bengali curry,for those who like eating bong specialties,and for those like many of my friends who have less time to cook..


What we need:-

Jhinge (ridge gourd)
besan (gram flour)
poppy seeds
red chilli powder
green chillies
mustard oil
salt to taste

First we need to prepare the pakoras(bora in bengali)..take 1 cup besan, salt ,chilli powder and put some water to make it a smooth batter. Then heat some oil in a kadhai and fry the pakoras out of the batter and keep them aside..Then chop the ridge gourd and fry them in mustard oil along with 1chopped onion and green chillies. When fried put 3-4 tbls of poppy seed paste and add i cup water to it and bring it to boil..add salt to taste..Then add the fried pakoras to the rest of the preparation and cook till the water disappears..serve hot with plain rice.

THe Starter..

A yummy yum to the readers...:)
I read somewhere that people with planetary positions same as mine have superb culinary skills..I don't remember whose words were these,but then I was impressed.and thought of building this so called superb skill of mine...I have no fetish for eating..but then I love serving..and the phase preceding both serving and eating is the best thing I it right.
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 People say that my mom is the best cook and many of then complained that I never tried to acquire this skill of her..and people, this blog is for you..though I haven't mastered it yet but then papa says I can and I will do it one day.
And this blog is for my best friend..have no problem in sharing the name..this is for you Miss Paulami Guha Biswas..and She is behind this and she knows it why..and see Polo I kept the promise..And this Starter is for you(though I have not prepared it)..and there is indeed a meal following the starter(that I will prepare myself) just finish it up and wait for rest..